Short Term Car Policy from 1 to 28 Days

Temp cover is a useful method of getting comprehensive and instant policy for a short period of time. Drivers who need cover for a day, one week, or a month have the option to get a short term policy to get covered on the road. It has become popular in the last previous years and has proven to be a flexible and cost effective solution to get a quote while driving.

Reasons to Get Temporary Car Insurance

There are instances that require short term car insurance instead of, or in addition to, the usual annual policy. One circumstance is when a car is bought by a new driver and wants to drive it home right away. The driver doesn’t have time to shop for an annual cover and opts for one-day policy in order to bring the car home. The short term policy is a cost-effective and convenient solution for this type of situation.

There are other examples where a temp policy can be useful, such as driving a courtesy car if one’s vehicle is in the shop for repairs, borrowing a van to move stuff, testing a car before purchasing it, and adding a family member or a visitor from overseas to the present cover while they are in the UK.


Temporary policy is utilised to insure a family member or friend on a different car for one to two weeks. The cover is considered as a separate one and will have protected the primary owner’s annual insurance from losing No-Claim Bonus that they have accumulated.

A student can opt for a short-term cover when returning home during the summer, Christmas, or Easter breaks from the University. Most of the students don’t drive when they’re at the University that makes an annual quote not cost effective to have for the whole year.

Special temp covers are also available for 17-year olds who want to learn how to drive. They are added on their family member’s car policy and at the same time protect the No-Claims Bonus of the original insurance holder.

How to Find Short Term Insurance and other Factors

The world wide web is often the first place most people visit to look for a quote. Most vans and cars with a value over £500 are qualified to be covered, but the age of the driver is an issue for most carriers. There are insurers who don’t want to cover drivers under the age of 21 as well as those over 75 years old. Policy for drivers aged 18 and above is provided by some insurance companies, but the drivers must have held a driving license for a minimum of six months before the application. There are some carriers who require drivers to own a licence for at least a year.

Some insurers are not willing to cover a car that has been modified, imported, or previously used for commercial purposes. There are firms that don’t provide one month car insurance to drivers with penalty points against their driving records or previous convictions related to driving.